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Belle Piccio
Belle Piccio | Apr 26, 2013

Mt. Kanla-on is one of the mountains found in the north-central portion of Negros Island. It is the highest peak in central Philippines. Mt. Kanlaon attractive feature is the active summit crater of the volcano.

Mount Kanla-on Natural Park is a perfect destination for trekkers and nature lovers. The place is a is a natural garden, a haven for wildlife where they could freely roam, has clear mineral water, flowers in all sort of colors and a refreshing air.

Mount Kanla-on is one of the striking landmarks in Negros Island. It is an active volcano and its summit measures 2,435 meters above sea level. Mt. Kanla-on is the highest peak in Central Visayas and the 16th highest in the Philippines.

Mount Kanla-on Natural Park (MKNP), a mountaineering range in the heart of Negros Island. A natural park through Presidential Proclamation No. 1005 on May 8, 1977 covers 25,557.60 hectares land area with rainforest and verdant vegetation sliced the political boundaries of cities of Bago, La Carlota, San Carlos and Canlaon and the towns of Murcia and La Castellana with the park. August 11, 2001, the birth of Republic Act 9154 otherwise known as Mt. Kanla-on Natural Park (MKNP) Law, which site specific law for Mount Kanla-on; and having 169 hectares as Buffer Zone.

Mt. Kanla-on is a complex and active volcano surrounded by several craters and volcanic peaks. It is biologically diverse; and home to a number of species of flora and fauna. It also serves as the watershed of about 158,500 hectares of land in Negros Occidental.

If you’re planning to climb and reach the summit of Mt. Kanla-on, you can contact the following:

Mt. Kanla-on Natural Park Office c/o DENR-PENRO Negros Occidental Abad Santos St., Brgy. 39, Bacolod City Tel. (034) 433-3813 / 435-7411

Angelo C. Bibar Ecotourism Officer Mobile: (+63) 917-301-1410 Email: [email protected]

(reference: | Mount Kanla-on Natural Park FB page | Mount Kanlaon photo by Dustin Mijares)

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