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Mimbalot Falls of Iligan City

Lanao del Norte

Jeffrey Rilles
Jeffrey Rilles | Jan 06, 2014
Mimbalot Falls of Iligan City

The lovely Mimbalot Falls cascades down a path with lots of large rocks, forming smaller rivulets and mini waterfalls. The area immediately under the waterfalls can be dangerous for swimming especially because of the large rocks and the strong force of the cascades. Still, if you tread carefully, you can enjoy the pounding cascades up close and personal – perfect for a photo op!

The waterfall is a popular spot for locals to bathe and wash their clothes – you can easily chat with them or ask additional info about the area and other nice spots to visit in the vicinity. Mimbalot Falls is the city’s most accessible waterfall, with its location just 500 from the highway. Read the Full Story Here: Mimbalot Falls

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