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Of Hanging Gardens and Infinity Pools


Dong Ho
Dong Ho | Aug 03, 2013

Patterned like the tiered paddies of the rice terraces of Banaue, is this garden of tropical inspired lounges and massage cottages. One does not need to go too far for a relaxing overnight stay away from the busy streets of Metro Manila. Loreland Farm Resort's new phase Luljetta's Hanging Garden makes a staycation weekend even more relaxing through the panoramic view of Rizal and Metro Manila skyline.

The entire resort holds nine swimming pools and a special section that offers hydro-spa and fish spa. For those who love adventure, check out Camptipolo which has areas for team building and adventure. For those, who love running the entire resort actually covers 8 hectares. For those who love food, Filipino dishes and the favorite suman and cashew are also being offered as a merienda. To those who wants a solemn stay, they have a prayer area and a station of the cross. Almost everything for everyone. Family friendly spot.

How to Get There

By Taxi: Just ask the taxi to bring you to Antipolo bayan and from there it will just be 10minutes away.

By Commuting: Take a van from Shaw Van Terminal in Mandaluyong that goes to Antipolo. Ask them to drop you at Antipolo church and from there you can take a 10minute taxi ride or a tricycle to the resort.

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