Escape to Morong: 9 Family-Friendly Resorts You Shouldn't Miss


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Meyn Stay | Jul 28, 2015

With the summer already over, there's no doubt you probably still have the hang of it. But with your hectic schedule, it might be a good idea to just get to the nearest place and enjoy a quick weekend getaway— Morong Bataan is one of the nearby places where you can fully experience the sand, sun, and the beach. It takes about 3-4 hours of drive depending on where you are coming from Manila and the traffic situation.  To  help you prepare for your much-awaited escape, here is a list of hotels and resorts where you can stay in. 


1. Phi-Phi Resorts & Hotels


Boasting of an infinity pool, superb restaurant food, bar, cabanas air-conditioned rooms and more, Phi-Phi restaurant is a big resort with lots of activities to choose from. It's good for family reunions, company outings, and get-together with your friends. They have beach volleyball, obstacle courses and more. Whatever activity you, it will make you forget the hustle and bustle of the city. 
Rooms range from 2 pax quarters to 20 pax dorms. They charge from the lowest of Php2,300 to PhP12,400 during peak seasons. They get a lot of people from Manila over the weekends. We suggest to book early and plan ahead.


2. Benisa Beach Resort

If you want some quiet time to enjoy the beach, Benisa is the place to be. The resort is both quaint and lovely. Rates start at PhP1,000 for the small nipa huts to PhP3,000 for regular rooms. 




    3. Coral View Beach Resort

Another large resort is Coral View. They have air-conditioned rooms, full service restaurant & bar, swimming pools, cabanas, basketball court, table tennis, videoke and more. They even have a multi-purpose  hall for up to 250 people. It is a recommended venue for those who are looking for a resort with a big function room.  
Available lodging starts from a single room for 2 at PhP3,700 to dormitory rooms for 18 people at PhP12,000. For a super luxurious treat, they have a private house for 10 people with a pool at PhP19,000. 


    4. Waterfront Beach Resort

If you are going in large groups and want to experience the beach for a purpose, let's just say a conference, seminar, study group or you just want to do some meditation, waterfront beach is a good place to visit. They can house 2 people in their regular room at Php1,900. Their dormitory unit is at Php12,000 good for 20 people.  
Their amenities include dinings, snack bar, gazebos, A&V equipment and recreational games.




5. Morong Star Beach Resort & Hotel

Stepping inside Morong Star feels like you're actually entering a theme park. With vibrant colors covering the villas/apartments and the number of activities this hotel offers, you'll surely have a blast. For starters, they have a zip line and fun cart. One can also enjoy listening to their live band. For sporty people, the place has areas for volleyball, basketball, and a whole lot more. They even have a film showing by the beach at night. You won't have a dull moment in Morong.
Rooms for 2 start at PhP2,360 and PhP7,000 for 10 pax. If you plan to go on a trip in a big group (which you should), they offer a lot of packages for corporate and group fun.

morong star



6. Coastal Escape 

Their rooms for 2-4 people start PhP4,000. A room that can accommodate 7-8 people is at PhP5,500. They also rent out the whole place for 28,000 for a maximum of 50 people. 


7. Miami Heat Beach Resort

This resort is a great find for people looking for something exciting to do. It has pools, small huts, beach volleyball court, and more.  a lot but having the rooms close by. Usually, big resorts tend to offer extravagant outdoor activities. But for this resort, everything is at arms-reach. One highlight is their pools at night as strobe lights lit the waters when you dive in.
Rates start at PhP2,500 for 2 people and at PhP8,000 for 10 pax. They have a function hall and offer banana boat rides and more.

miami heat



8. Islands Water Resort

This is resort is also good for some rest and relaxation. The awesome quiet pool and their inviting beds are really relaxing. The rooms have a great interior overlooking the view of the beach. 


islands water



9. Pamarta Bali Beach Resort

This resort has an infinity pool and great amenities for lodgings. Their villa rooms are limited but they offer nipa huts as alternative. The rooms are fully booked all the time, so better to an early reservation. Contact them for their rates.

pamarta beach resort




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