Journey to Garinfarm: A Pilgrimage Site Inside a Beautiful Farm in Iloilo


Belle Piccio
Belle Piccio | Apr 06, 2016

Garinfarm is an inland resort in Purok 2, San Joaquin, 5024 Iloilo. The resort integrates agriculture, leisure, and pilgrimage in one site. The leisure part offers different activities like boating, zip line and fishing.

The resort dedicated a piece of land that perfectly depicts the meaning of the song "Bahay Kubo." 

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The pilgrimage area of the resort features the story of Creation up to Christ’s ascension.

Before getting to cross at the highest point of the resort, you need to climb the stairs with 480 steps until the foot of the cross. But if you’re only up to the Divine Mercy Shrine, you’ll only need to walk 456 steps.

Upon entering the spiritual area, you’ll come across the signage that reminds you: “Humility is the Key to Eternity”. You’ll need to bow upon passing at the low entrance to show reverence to the divine.

Before climbing up the stairs, you’ll see the “Story of Creation” at the first area. You’ll also get to see and pass by 9 major scenarios or events that were told in the Bible.

Adam and Eve at the Garden of Eden

The “scenarios” are sculptures or life-size statues portraying the scenes told in the scriptures. It’s like you’re in a 3D museum.  One of the main reasons why the scenarios were placed in the flat areas along your way up is to put a break for those climbing the stairs. If it’s not for the scenarios, you’ll surely feel tired by going straight up.

Noah’s Ark

The 9 Major Scenarios

Scenario #1: The Nativity or Birth of Christ

Scenario #2: The Baptism of Christ

Scenario #3: The Triumphant Entry of Jesus Christ to Jerusalem

The third scenario is what we celebrate every Palm Sunday.

Scenario #4: The Last Supper

Scenario #5: Agony in the Garden

Scenario #6: Scourging at the Pilar

Scenario #7: The Crucifixion

Scenario #8: The Resurrection

Scenario #9: The Ascension

The last scene before you’ll reach the cross is the ascension and just a few steps, you’ll find yourself at the foot of the cross which is about more than 200 meters above sea level.

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How to Get There

From Manila, you can fly to Iloilo (estimated cost of Php3,000++, round trip, one hour). The Iloilo Airport is 30 minutes (approximately 19 km) away from Iloilo City.

From Iloilo City, you can take a jeepney bound for San Joaquin or a bus going to Antique. Fare is around Php50-60. If you opt to ride a jeepney, go to the Terminal Market near Robinsons Place Mall or ride a San Joaquin jeepney from Molo.

From the San Joaquin town proper, ride a tricycle (2-5 minutes) and tell the driver to take you to GarinFarm, Brgy. Huna.

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