Anvaya Cove: Spend Leisurely Weekends At Morong's Secluded Piece Of Haven


Ivan Jose
Ivan Jose | Apr 18, 2017
Anvaya Cove: Spend Leisurely Weekends At Morong's Secluded Piece Of Haven

Some days are so hectic that finding a few moments to breathe and slow down seems as elusive as a pin in a haystack. Furthermore, planning for a trip when you have a lot of things going on in your head becomes a heavy chore when it should have been otherwise on ordinary days. As such, when we were invited by some friends to tag along with them to Anvaya Cove, we readily gave in and said yes without hesitation or second thoughts. A quick overnight weekend retreat, thinking about nothing else—no plans, no itineraries and, most especially, no work—is more than enough to recharge our weary minds. Our friends had a client who was a club member at Anvaya and who was willing to sponsor our stay and we were to contribute only a minimal amount.

Upon our arrival at Anvaya Cove

All things set, we were northbound one early Saturday morning, traversing the North Luzon Expressway even before the morning sunshine. It’s best to bring a private vehicle with you because there is no public transportation inside Anvaya Cove; you have to use your own car to go from one point to the next. It’s a short drive from the main gate to the residential and recreational areas, but walking is not advisable as the roads are hilly and steep.

Past NLEX and SCTEX, we were in Subic, Zambales by around 8:00AM. In Subic, there are directional road signs that lead motorists to Anvaya Cove. If you could not locate the Anvaya Cove signs, look for ones that indicate the direction to Morong Gate. Commuting to Anvaya Cove is not a wise option because, as mentioned earlier, the only way to travel around the resort-community is to bring your own vehicle, unless you really want to take long hikes and bear the scorching heat of the sun.

What to do in Anvaya

Indulging in a day of leisure and getting our dose of peace and quiet were our primary objectives for going to Anvaya Cove. And that was exactly what we did.

First off, enjoy the swimming pool at the clubhouse. It was a big pool which was only 4 feet at its deepest section. It was kid-friendly, that’s for sure, but there were also several lifeguards roaming around the edges of the pool so peace of mind is ascertained for guests’ maximum enjoyment.

After the pool, we also took a dip in the beach. It’s certainly not as breathtaking as some of the most popular beaches in the country but it was good enough for a dose of sun, saltwater, and sea breeze.

Loitering around the cove

There are a host of other recreational and sporting activities that guests can avail of but at a cost. One may inquire from the Recreation and Leisure Department (793-9000or [email protected]) for details.

Dining in Anvaya Cove

There are several restaurants in Anvaya that cater to one’s taste or fancy. There is Bamboo Cafe, an all-day restaurant that serves a variety of Filipino, Asian, Western and Italian cuisines. There is also Pawikan Beach Bar and Grill, a beachfront al-fresco dining area that specializes in seafood and barbecue. For cocktails and coolers, one may visit the Tower Bar and Sunset Bar.

We wanted to try the food so we ordered at the clubhouse. I think the food here is just brought out from Bamboo Cafe. Food is good, especially the bibingka and puto bumbong but, as can be expected, it can be a little overpriced.

We brought with us uncooked rice, fresh pork and some noodles so dinner, as well as breakfast the next day, was not a problem for us. A few round of drinks after dinner and we were in snooze land almost immediately. We woke up early and, after breakfast, had another round of frolicking in the beach and swimming pool.


Our bedroom

We checked out early in the afternoon, made a quick stop at Puregold in Subic, then headed back to Manila. This quick getaway was enough to revitalize our minds and bodies, and keep us going until our next adventure.

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