The Yum in Tagum: Enjoying the City's Yummiest Crab-Based Meal

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Ida Damo
Ida Damo | Jun 22, 2015
The Yum in Tagum: Enjoying the City's Yummiest Crab-Based Meal

After going to and fro Tagum City, little did I know that my favorite crab is cooked in the most delicious way here in the city.

Enter YS Garden.

The server presented me with a plate of Crabs Cooked in Salted Egg!  What a treat and find!

The crab was perfectly cooked, maintaining the moisture of the meat. Even if it was cooked in salted egg, it wasn’t that salty. You would want to lick the claws and shell clean!

But it did not stop there.  The server arrives again, this time with fried spare ribs in salt and pepper, pancit canton, buttered chicken, and vegetable salad.   



They have so much to serve to us but I was not planning on tasting all of it.  They had me with the crabs!

So when you are wandering in Tagum, check out YS Garden, located at the corner of Jose Abad Santos and Arellano Streets.

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