Eat, Drink, and Be Merry at Wild Berry

Ida Damo
Ida Damo | Jun 10, 2015
Eat, Drink, and Be Merry at Wild Berry

The directions stated that it is between the Cuckoo and the Quarantine stopover along Bukidnon-Davao (BuDa) Road.

Everyone was looking outside the van’s windows to see where we were going to eat. Amidst the profusion of herbs, ornamentals, succulents, vegetables and, vines is a weather vane with a cow sign, accompanied by a Wild Berry Garden and Diner signage. Finally, this is the restaurant we were looking for.


The diner’s steps is surrounded by greens and flowers of varying colors.  As you approach the stained glass doors of the diner, one would be drawn to the various ornaments--- from colorful seaters, vintage cups, various bottles, to a handwritten menu. Wild Berry Garden and Diner is best described as a Western-Southern cottage along BuDa road.

What do they have in store? You can choose from the likes of Adobong Baboy Ramo (Wild Boar), Pork Tenderloin Tips, Buttered Chicken, Deep-Fried Hito (Mudfish), Tapa Adobong Usa (Deer), Shotgun Willie Chili (Chili Con Carne) and Pinakbet.

An unexpected item on the menu for me is the chili con carne.  Its spiciness is just right, I had second and third servings considering that I am not a fan of spicy food.  Turns out that Raz asked Tita Thelma not to make it too spicy.

Tita Thelma is the one responsible for all the good food and the gardens of herbs and vegetables and flowers at Wild Berry Garden and Diner. 

Having lived in the USA and worked as a chef for a while, it’s no wonder how she can come up with all the delicious food and smells from her kitchen.  She personally prepares her own chili sauce and spicy vinegar.

Rounding up the sumptuous feast we had, we were given turmeric tea, and a unique tea that has the elements of mint, tarragon, and rosemary. Tita Thelma harvested the ingredients right from her garden at the diner.

The teas served are drinks I highly recommend. Others opted for a fresh strawberry smoothie as the strawberries naturally grow in the hills of Marilog.

As we sat and savored the good food, drinks and ambiance, I have to say this: Wild Berry is a quaint, rustic, homey diner that has plenty of delightful surprises up its sleeves. So, go and try!

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