Coffee As Art: The Taste of True Coffee Only at Brew Pull Steep

Rafael Reynante
Rafael Reynante | Jul 08, 2015

For many Filipinos around the country, without a doubt, coffee is an extremely important part of their day. 

Kapeng Barako of Batangas

Coffee is so important that many of us take it for granted. Who doesn’t remember waking up late in the morning, rushing to finish breakfast, and forcefully swallowing a black, bland, bitter liquid so fast it almost burns your entire mouth and throat?

We’re all familiar with instant coffee and Starbucks (or their competitors), but we’re sure you didn’t know that coffee, that thick, syrupy liquid most of us depend on, can be enjoyed in other ways?

Using the same beans, one can brew and prepare it in different ways to bring out the innate flavors and notes of the beans. So stop drowning your bitter coffee in sugar and cold milk. Here are some of the drinks you can expect from Jumpstart Café’s Brew Pull Steep:

Simplicity at its finest. Brewed coffee is simply allowing water to slowly pass through ground coffee beans to extract all its flavor. If prepared well, it produces a very mellow, almost tea-like cup. And contrary to popular belief, brewed coffee, because of its slow extraction, has the most caffeine content among all coffee preparations.

Espresso, not expresso. This is what Starbucks adds to its concoctions to give it that “coffee” taste. Traditionally served Italian-style in a small cup called a demitasse, it is a very potent, strongly-flavored coffee cup. Think vanilla extract, but with coffee.

American Ingenuity. Nick Ng, Jumpstart’s resident coffee expert and proprietor of Brew Pull Steep, told us the story of how Americans stationed in Italy during WW2 would order an espresso with added water, since the coffee was too strong for their tastes. And that’s how the Americano was born, or so they say.

Equal parts milk and coffee, equal parts awesome. Coffee is a drink that goes really well with milk, and this drink brings you the best of both worlds: the silky texture of fresh milk with the tart and chocolatey flavor of coffee. This is something worth coming back to!

The Martini of Coffee. When a cappuccino is prepared well, it will have very little bitterness. Depending on the quality of the beans, it will taste of vanilla, chocolate, and of course, milk. Tip: don’t mix it! Let the textures of the foam, milk, and coffee mingle in your mouth.

It isn’t a Latte without the milk. Latte translates to milk, which is why you should clearly indicate that you’re ordering coffee, else the barista will give you a warm glass of milk. The difference between the Latte and Cappuccino is that Latte has more milk than its older sibling.

If you’re unsure how to start your coffee journey, Brew Pull Steep offers “coffee flights”, a degustation of different brewing methods using the same beans. Currently, they offer 2 flights: The Blackest Night that consists of an Espresso, a brewed coffee, and an Americano. The second is the The Brightest Day, consisting of a Cortado, Cappuccino, and Caffè Latte.

If you’re still unsure, you can visit Brew Pull Steep at Jumpstart Café over at No. 7 Capitol Hills Drive, Quezon City. You can contact them via (02) 932 8127 and via FB

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