Lane’s Kaonanan: A Culinary Experience in the Land of the ‘Sleeping Dinosaur’

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Ida Damo
Ida Damo | Oct 20, 2015
Lane’s Kaonanan: A Culinary Experience in the Land of the ‘Sleeping Dinosaur’

Whenever I visit Mati City, it has been a tradition for me to drop by Lane’s to have a taste of their delicious Filipino dishes. 

I always order the same food on the menu: crispy pata, pinakbet, adobong puso ng saging, and halo halo for dessert.  The staff in Lane’s restaurant is very friendly, approachable, and carries a smile on their faces. 

From time to time, Lane’s try to come up with variations of our favorite Pinoy dishes such as crispy tuna buntot, adobong kangkong, ginataang kalabasa, shrimps, and my companions’ favorite, buttered chicken. 

I couldn’t get enough of Lane’s special halo halo that I ordered it for lunch, merienda, and dinner! There’s something comforting about these simple food that I ask for the same dishes over and over again. 



Lane’s Kaonanan is conveniently located at the heart of Mati City and is jam-packed with people so be prepared to wait for your order. 

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