Dine at Punong: Delicious Food at Tagum City's Floating Restaurant

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Ida Damo
Ida Damo | Jul 12, 2016
Dine at Punong: Delicious Food at Tagum City's Floating Restaurant

When you go on a land trip from Davao City to the City of Palms, there’s a thick area of mangroves by the side of the road that has huts floating on the water.  And you wonder, "what could be there?"

Punong Restaurant is one of Tagum City’s highly recommended places to bring your visitors to for fresh and delicious seafood and other dishes.  Aside from the good food, the ambiance of being literally where you catch your food is a definite plus to the experience.

The Baby Bangus Kinilaw (Ceviche) with Coconut Milk is a bestseller.  It is made from freshly-caught bangus from the pond, and retains its distinct sweetness that blends well with the coconut milk.

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Another signature dish that makes people come back is the Ginataang Bagongon or Telescope shell in English.  Traditionally, the pointed tips of the shells are cut off, washed then cooked in coconut milk, ginger, chili and onion.  To eat it, you have to suck the meat from the shell.  What Punong does is smash the shell and removes the meat so that the client does not have to suck the shell.

Order their unusually-presented grilled bangus that’s been deboned and marinated.

If you want to add one more dish to the spread, try the sweet and spicy Singaporean crabs and be prepared to get your hands “dirty”.

Of course, the Punong rice would go well with all the dishes that you have ordered. So next time you go to Tagum and pass by the mangroves by the road, drop by the Punong Restaurant.

How to Get There:

Major airlines fly daily to Davao City from Manila and Cebu.

Tagum City is an hour away by land from Davao City.

Bus fare is Php 95-110 (US$2.21-2.56). Van fare is Php 70-90 (US$1.63-2.10). Just tell the conductor to drop you at the Punong Restaurant. Private vehicles can take the Panacan route out of Davao City to Tagum City then stop at the Punong Restaurant along Bincungan Highway, Tagum City.

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