Davao's Best And Most Affordable Home-cooked Comfort Food: The Fatboy's Kitchen!

Ida Damo
Ida Damo | Jan 17, 2017
Davao's Best And Most Affordable Home-cooked Comfort Food: The Fatboy's Kitchen!

When food has been a large part of your life, it is but “normal” for you to go into the food business. Mervin Loseo has been cooking, eating, and innovating on food for almost all of his life.

While in Tennessee, he became a baker, a cook, a chef, and an all-around foodie.  Upon coming home to Davao, he and his wife Rosanna, decided to continue his passion by cooking beef short ribs kare-kare, and was sold strictly per-order only.

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The kare-kare meat was so tender and the sauce so thick and “peanuty” that it became an instant hit and orders kept on coming. However, people would often ask Mervin what other dishes he offered, to which they had very little to say.

And so they embarked on another bestseller--- the empanada in different flavors: Filipino, Philly cheese, Mexican, banana nutella, minatamis na saging, munggo, and tuna. 

Soon, they had requests for catering and for a restaurant.

What they came up with is The Fatboy’s Kitchen takeout counter and café. 

You get to have the kare-kare and empanada and the new must-eats--- sizzling lechon + fried oyster sisig, seafood in a bag (shrimps and crabs with sweet corn on a cob), grilled cheesy garlic oysters, Hawaiian short ribs and sizzling bulalo.

The seafood in a bag is shrimps or crabs and sweet corn cobs in buttery garlic sauce in a bag that you can shake to coat everything with the sauce.  As you open the bag the delicious smells waft out to whet your appetite even more.

The oysters used in the grilled cheesy garlic oysters come straight from IloIlo and the garlic and cheese perfectly complements the ocean taste of the oysters.  You do not have to go to Negros to have this signature Ilonggo delicacy.

Get ready to use your fingers instead of just your fork when you eat the Hawaiian short ribs.  The meat falls off the bone and it is finger-licking good.

The sizzling bulalo’s meat is so tender and juicy you might want to order more rice for it.

And just when you thought you had enough of sisig variations, here comes sizzling lechon + fried oyster sisig. The combination is novel and yet the blending of the lechon and oysters is quite pleasant to the taste buds.

You can take out your orders or eat them in their café with a tall glass of ube-sago shake. They also accept catering. So next time you’re in Davao, try The Fatboy’s Kitchen’s budget-friendly, home-cooked comfort food.

Major airlines fly daily to Davao City from Manila and Cebu.  Travel time is an hour and 50 minutes from Manila and 50 minutes from Cebu.

The Fatboy’s Kitchen is at FS Dizon Road or Bacaca Drive just beside the Ladislawa entrance or 15-20 minutes away from the airport.

Here is the pricelist for some of Fatboy's best sellers: Kare-Kare PhP290/order; Empanada Php25/piece or 275/dozen; Shrimps In A Bag PhP399/lb or 225/half lb; Cheesy Garlic Oysters PhP295/half dozen; Hawaiian Short Ribs PhP290/order; Sizzling Bulalo PhP450 for 3-4 persons and PhP290 for 2-3 persons; Ube Sago PhP130.

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