Naimas Taste Of Home: The Only Al Fresco Place To Dine In Along EDSA

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Choose Philippines | Jan 24, 2017

Tucked along the longest and busiest highway in the metropolis, Naimas: Taste Of Home restaurant has opened its second branch in EDSA for foodies to enjoy, and to serve as a stop over for commuters who gave up on Manila traffic.

The Light Mall branch offers the same al fresco ambiance one can experience in Naimas' first branch in Legaspi Village in Amorosolo, Makati.

Naimas in Ilocano means "delicious", and true to its name, the restaurant serves variety of delectable Filipinpo dishes, not only limited to Ilocano cuisines—  with recipes ranging from heirloom dishes to contemporary takes on classic fare.

A wonderful al fresco experience, day or night

The idea for both restaurants came about from a desire to bring the taste and freshness of provincial, homemade cooking to the busy people of Manila.

The owners behind Naimas decided to brand their restaurant as a place to experience the “home-cooked food [like] in the provinces, naturally delicious all the time.”

As a matter of fact, the meat and ingredients are sourced from different provinces, as far as Davao City, to assure they only serve their loyal diners the best.  

A small sampling of the resto's multitude of delicious dishes

The array of dishes in Naimas includes food normally found in most Filipino restaurants, from sisig and dinengdeng to exotic dishes like deep-fried isaw, gisaeng balut, and even adobong baboy ramo.

Why Pinoy dishes? 

“Pinoy food is universal, even foreigners can easily get accustomed to it," said the chef consultant of Naimas. 

Gisaeng balut

Next time you're stuck in the horrific traffic in EDSA, make a right turn to Naimas Light Mall and get your taste buds dancing as they experience the taste of home.  

Chicharon Bulaklak, also addicting

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Visit Naimas: Taste of Home located at Legaspi Village in Amorsolo, Makati and at G/F Light Mall EDSA Cor. Madison St. Mandaluyong City. 

Also like their Facebook page and Instagram for Pinoy treats you can't surely resist.  

You may contact them at (02) 960 6797. 

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