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Night Kayaking at Maribojoc Bohol: A Magical Encounter with Fireflies


Belle Piccio
Belle Piccio | Apr 27, 2015

Night kayaking is one of the hottest tourist attractions in Bohol. The activity offers a different view of the province at night while canoeing down a mangrove river. It's the perfect time to appreciate nature's beauty. 

The Abatan River; photo from maribojoc.gov.ph

While watching the stars, you’ll also encounter the Photuris Lucicrescens or what we commonly call as “fireflies.” You’ll find this amazing site at the Maribojoc area of Abatan River. Clusters of fireflies can be seen at the mangrove areas and at the Postan Mangrove Forest.

The locals, who are also your guides, live just beside the river and are certified kayakers by the Singapore Canoe Federation. They will make sure you’re safe to explore the Abatan River at night.

Sunset kayaking; photo from boholtourismph.com

They will give you a short briefing on safety and kayaking to ensure you’ll have the most fun and enjoyable experience with the fireflies that appear at sunset. That’s where the magic starts!

Fireflies and stars; photo from boholtourismph.com

The kayak night tour is usually about 1.5-2 hours. For inquiries, you can contact:

  • MEHTCA office – (038) 504-9218 or 0920-749-5843
  • Office of the Mayor – (038) 504-9979
  • Kayakasia Philippines – 0932-855-2928
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