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The Lady of Loakan


Renzelle Ann Palma
Renzelle Ann Palma | Jun 26, 2013
The Lady of Loakan

The story of Mang Rogenio and his eerie encounter with the Lady in White of Loakan is just one of the hundreds of testaments to the mysteries of Loakan road. Others swore that they saw the lady crossing and walking along the road much to the distraction of the drivers and this sometimes led to accidents.

Locals believe that the mysterious lady is the grieving soul of a raped and tortured girl from years past. The soul hails taxis and cars that pass by the mystic road, as if asking for help to get away, just to disappear on a blur.

The Lady in White was also said to live in a tree that used to be at the center of Loakan Road. In the 50s, every attempt to cut down the tree failed because of sudden accidents and deaths people who wanted it torn down. Because of rampant accidents along the road, concerned citizens and public officials finally cut the tree in 2002. It wasn’t long after that rumors and stories began to spread of the persons who cut the tree figured to untimely death.

Whatever mystery and horror that surrounds the Loakan Road, the stories of its strange dweller will leave us baffled and curious for a very long time.

Photo from http://philurbanlegends.blogspot.com/

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