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Beat the Heat at Samal Island's Hagimit Falls

Ida Damo
Ida Damo | Jul 09, 2015
Beat the Heat at Samal Island's Hagimit Falls

Samal Island may be Davao City’s playground, but it belongs to the province of Davao del Norte.  One of the popular attractions in the island garden is the Hagimit Falls.   

It has always been on my radar but I never really got to visit Hagimit Falls until Sir Noel of the Davao del Norte Provincial Tourism Office invited me on a DavNor familiarization tour.

Judging from a photo taken by Mindanaoan photographer Ramil “Bobcat” Gregorio, the scenic falls looks very interesting.

So off I go to explore the falls in Peñaplata where we went down a series of tree-shaded steps.

It rained the night before so the water cascading in this series of falls was murky brown unlike the bluish water in the photo.  But the tropical forest that surrounds you and the chirping birds make up for it.

The falls pour down to pools that are ideal for swimming and for dipping when the day gets too hot.

When you just want to be in the moment and enjoy the peace, there are huts they can rent out.  Hagimit is a popular place for family picnics.

I had my moment of rest in this yellow chair on my way up from the falls.

That’s it. I finally got to be in Hagimit!

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