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Aurora's Mother of All: Ditumabo Falls

Baler, Aurora

Christa De La Cruz
Christa De La Cruz | Nov 04, 2015
Aurora's Mother of All: Ditumabo Falls

San Luis in Aurora may not be as popular as its neighbor Baler but it is definitely a place to visit when in the Philippines' birthplace of surfing.


Named after the patron saint San Luis Rey de Francia, the municipality used to be one of the old barrios of Baler, along with Real, Bacong, Ditumabo, and Zarah. The five barrios were significant spots of insurgency in what was then the Tayabas province during the Philippine Revolution of 1898. The rugged and mountainous topography of San Luis also provided ideal camps for Filipino soldiers and guerilla groups during the war against Japanese Imperial forces in the 1940s. It was in 1962 when San Luis became a regular municipality of the sub-province of Aurora, which was declared an autonomous province in 1979.

Tourism-wise, it boasts of its falls and trekking sites especially since it is bordered on the west by the central range of the Sierra Madre. One of these is Aurora's grandest and tallest waterfalls, the Ditumabo Falls or Mother Falls


Named after the barangay where it is located, the falls has a towering height of 50 meters and a 30-meter wide catch basin. Along the one-hour trek towards the Mother Falls are smaller falls, a slippery pavement, and river crossings. This may be tiring but the sight of the majestic falls at the end is definitely worth it. Who can resist jumping into the natural and cold swimming pool after a long walk from the jumpoff point, right?



How to Get There

Baler, Aurora is a 5 to 7-hour bus ride from Manila, with the travel time depending on which bus you’ll take from Cubao, Quezon City.

Option 1: Joybus Deluxe Bus (Genesis) - has no stops, 5 hours
Option 2: Regular Genesis A/C Bus - 7 hours
Option 3: Genesis or ES Transport bus to Cabanatuan City then transfer to Aurora Bus Line at the Cabanatuan terminal.

From Baler, tricycle operators usually arrange package tours for four passengers. This includes stops to other attractions around Baler such as the Ditumabo Falls of San Luis, Baler Museum, Doña Aurora Aragon Quezon House, Baler Church, Ermita Hill, Aniao Islets, Digisit Bay, and so much more.


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