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Cruise Along the Cleanest River in all of Pangasinan: Balingasay River


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Choose Philippines | Feb 03, 2016

Pangasinan was always known as a center for agriculture. Though they have no notable call centers, malls, or iconic buildings, their strength always lay in all the natural resources within the Pangasinense’s immediate grasp. They pride themselves in being one of the main producers of salt, fish, and fish and salt products, like bagoong.

This close and mutual relationship with nature has always been the source of livelihood for many locals, who are often more than happy to continue the good work their parents did, tilling their land, taking care of their fish, and preserving nature, even if it’s just in their backyards.

The natives and local government know and understand this, and have always supported their farmers. Many of the Pangasinan government thrusts are centered around agricultural development, conservation, and eco-tourism.

And that is where our beautiful cruise will begin. The people of Pangasinan are proud to claim that their beautiful province happens to be the site of one of the cleanest rivers in the Philippines.

Balingasay River is located near Patar Road, and opens up to the Balingasay River Marine Sanctuary. The river itself stretches for several kilometers, though one is only allowed up to a certain point. The main mode of transportation is by riding a floating kubo, pulled along by a banca, operated by the locals. Inside this kubo, you can have your fill of real, handmade puto Calasiao, dinuguan, and all of Pangasinan’s favorite foods. You’ll even be treated to a massage and live music, should they please you.

Photo by Martin San Diego

The cruise itself takes about 1-2 hours to complete, apart from the very short trek you’ll have to undergo in order to reach the river port. 

It’s the perfect place to be still, to see the beauty of nature up close, and maybe even make new friends along the way.

Photo by Martin San Diego
Photo by Martin San Diego
Photo by Martin San Diego
Photo by Martin San Diego

Last January, Choose Philippines was invited by NLEX and the North Philippines Visitor's Bureau to travel to Northern Luzon and see what it had to offer travelers like us. The trip was sponsored by Victory Liner Inc, Petron, DOT Region 1, La Union CVB, Pangasinan CVB & Provincial Tourism Office of Pangasinan. Stay tuned for more articles about our recent trip to the North, only here at Choose Philippines! 

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