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Hike & Swim: Enjoy Pangil Laguna's Buntot Pallos Waterfalls


Yua Dominguez
Yua Dominguez | Sep 27, 2016

Laguna is just an hour away from the city (minus the traffic) and offers a plethora of choices for adventure-seekers, its like finding yourself in a buffet. It is a go-to destination for individuals who don’t want to go far just to quench their thirst for new adventures. May it be a mountain, a lake, hot springs or waterfalls. Laguna indeed has it all. 

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Photo by Yua Dominguez

The province has a place that let you enjoy both land and water forms, perfect for "amphibians", and  Buntot Pallos Waterfalls in Pangil, Laguna is a perfect example of it.  

An hour or two or three, from the jump off point, will bring you to this marvelous waterfall waiting for you to bathed in. But brace yourselves. Before reaching this beaut one must undergo an intense workout. Yes, you got that right. It is that exhausting. Don’t fret though, all your aches and pains will disappear as soon as you see them magnificent waterfall hiding within the forest.

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