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Best Destination: Top 5 Water Forms

Choose Philippines
Choose Philippines | Oct 18, 2016

Choose Philippines honors the places that made you fall in love at first sight. Breathtakingly beautiful with its rich biodiversity and unique charm, this destination leaves a lasting impression. Its warm people and distinctive culture keep you looking forward to your next visit. Here are the Top 5 Best Destinations in Water Forms for Choose Philippines Awards. Vote now for your favorite! 

Photo by Rolan Fernandez

Kawasan Falls

The 3 hour bus ride and long walk after will exhaust you. However, seeing this glorious cascading waterfall will invigorate you instantaneously and put a spring on your step. Freshen up at the turquoise blue waters, chill in the bamboo rafts with the stunning view of the falls, or jump into the cool clear waters.

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Photo by Rap Ralph

Loboc River

Behold the other side of Bohol. Aside from the prominent Chocolate Hills, explore the calm and peaceful waters of Loboc River through stand up paddle boarding or riding a bangka. 

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Photo by Astrophil Reyes

Tinago Falls

Iligan City is known for its astonishing and majestic waterfalls. Tinago Falls from the root word "tago" meaning hidden is one of the more famous ones. Indeed, it will require patience, stamina and a lot of legwork to dsicover this God's creation.

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Photo by Christian Martinez

Tinuy-An Falls

When in Bislig, make sure to include Tinuy-An Falls in your itinerary. Have a feast over lunch at their cottages while admiring this natural wonder.

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Photo by Ernesto Jr Peralta

Tumalog Falls

Enjoy the amazing Tumalog Falls and get a free natural massage from its thundering falls. The novice swimmers can wade too as the waters are not too deep

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