Siargao’s Majestic Magpupungko Rock Pools: What’s in a Name?

Known as the surfing paradise of the Philippines, the island of Siargao does not only provide glorious waves, infinite coconut trees, soothing ocean breeze and unsullied beaches but also distinctive recreational spots.

Surfing was my main purpose in revisiting this tiny island. Awake at 5am to surf for 2-3 hours, eat, doze off a bit, then surf again at 2 pm was my daily routine. Despite a week full of salt water, reef cuts, and numerous boat rides, I was able to squeeze in a little adventure before heading back to the city. Instead of having a siesta during my last day, my friend and I opted to revisit Magpupungko Rock Pools. Tongue twister I know. That day, we surfed our hearts out in the morning, went to the tidal pool, then surfed again in the afternoon. It was quite an exhausting itinerary but exhilarating as well. My heart and soul was replete with joy.

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Just roughly an hour away from the surf spots of General Luna, situated in the municipality of Pilar, Magpupungko Rock Pools is an exquisite gem that will definitely start your morning right. Various intricate rock formation and turquoise blue waters await.

By the looks of it, the area where the Rock Pools are located is commercialised and tourist-friendly. Various restaurants and food stalls are in the area. You just pay Php 50 environmental fee at the entrance. Bring a packed lunch or order some meals and enjoy eating while admiring the splendid view. When tides are low, there are two ways to reach the Rock Pools. One, you can pass from the back going through rocky steps or two you can pass through the beach. Be sure to wear some reef shoes or slippers to protect your feet.

Behold! Underneath the sharp massive rocks is a crystal clear body of water waiting for you to jump in. On the parts that are deep you can take a dive or jump off the rocks. For the shallow parts you can wade. Either way you will be amazed and will marvel at how beautiful the water is.

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It is best to go to this unusual but ravishing water form when tides are low. During this moment, the water is serene and peaceful, the charm of the place is more evident and clear, and you get to enjoy and relax.

How to get here:

Option 1: Hire a habal-habal

Option 2: Rent a motorcycle for you to drive

Option 2: Rent a van

Note: It will take about one hour to reach the area. It is best to visit the Rock pools in the morning when it is low tide.


Php 700-800      Rental for habal-habal good for 2 persons to and from General Luna, Siargao

Php 50               Entrance fee to Magpupungko Rock Pools

Php 350-400      Motorcycle rental

Note: Van rentals may vary depending on the resort and the number of persons included

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