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Baga Cave: The Legendary Tunnel That Runs Through The Length Of Davao

Davao City

Ida Damo
Ida Damo | Nov 11, 2016
Baga Cave: The Legendary Tunnel That Runs Through The Length Of Davao

Legend speaks of a huge cave in Talikud Island, Island Garden City of Samal that tunnels through Davao Gulf and onto the city of Davao. A faith healer once went inside the cave with his dog and lost him. After a week, he visited his relative in Brgy. Mintal in Davao City and found his dog there, who has already been staying there for days. Take note that Talikud Island is 15 kilometers away from Davao City and would take 45 minutes to an hour boat ride. 

It would seem that this island is rich in legends and other folklore like the stories of the giant balete tree and its faith healer, Ete

If your curiosity is not awakened by stories like this, the thrill of exploring a cave with huge chambers would entice you to go and see for yourself.

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Of course, Baga Cave is the cave being referred to in the legend.  The cave’s subterranean chamber is shaped liked capillaries in the lungs or “Baga” in Filipino, thus the name. It is located inside a coconut farm in Barangay Sta. Cruz.

Upon reaching the area, you are briefed on what to expect, what to do and not to do inside the cave. Afterwards, it is time to wear the headlamp.

At the entrance of the cave is a prayer by the local tribe of Sama invoking the spirits living in the cave to allow you entry and a safe exploration. The longest trek in the cave would take 4 hours, but you have the option to go as short or as long as you want.

Since we arrived at the cave entrance a little late in the afternoon and did not have the time to explore farther, I only managed a few meters from the opening while my partner Jojo went a little farther.

Our guides told us that there are chambers that are filled with water from a tiny waterfall trickling through one of the chambers.

After going out of the cave, another legend was told.  Our guides said that a gargantuan snake guards one of the chambers but none have seen the snake for a long time.  They say that the body of the snake is bigger than the coconut tree near the entrance of the cave. If the Chamber of Secrets was ever filmed in the Philippines, Baga Cave would have been the perfect setting to shoot it.

In the end, however, legends are legends and only Baga Cave’s walls know the truth.

(Photos by Rhonson Ng from Talikud Island Tours and the writer)

How to Get There:

Major airlines fly daily to Davao City from Manila and Cebu.  From the city’s Sta. Ana Port, ride the boats going to Talikud Island.  Travel time is 45 minutes to an hour.

From the Sta. Cruz Port of Talikud Island from Davao City, hire a habal-habal to get you to Baga Cave.

For easier access or convenient travel, contact Talikud Island Tours on Facebook.

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