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Must-See: You’ve Never Seen A Philippine River This Clear

Surigao del Sur

Choose Philippines
Choose Philippines | Feb 21, 2017

Located in the town of Hinatuan in the province of Surigao del Sur is a wonder none can fathom, and by that, we mean its depths. It is still unclear how this deep spring river, as clear as crystal in Mindanao, is still unexplored despite several attempts to know its depth since 1999.

(c) Maui Sanvictores

Being true to its name, the Enchanted River has captured the hearts of many with its striking beauty of its waters with a record of 82-meter dive up to date. Legend has it that the river is surrounded and protected by pixies, mermaids, and other supernatural beings resulting to its unique sapphire and jade tone. 

Real or not, the long journey to the river will be one for the books, a sure regret if you don’t get to see it once in your lifetime.

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