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Have A Refreshing Afternoon Treat And Dip In The Blue Green Waters Of Daranak


Yua Dominguez
Yua Dominguez | May 16, 2017

Whether mountains, rivers or waterfalls, Rizal is a wonderful option to scratch that maddening itch for adventure.

My balikbayan cousin wanted to try something different for his trip in the Philippines. Aside from the usual options like shopping at the mall, visiting museums and try out different restaurants, he wanted to go somewhere off the beaten. 

We escaped to a gem found in Rizal province— the Daranak Waterfalls. The fact that it is accessible makes it more  awesome.

Lady luck was smiling down on us upon arriving at the site. There was not a single soul in sight. We were happy campers in our own private hideaway, talk about exclusivity!

The place was very scenic and clean. The blue green waters was so enticing you want to jump in pronto. Rent and relax on a salbabida with the majestic view of the falls. There are a lot of food stalls within the area in case you get hungry.

Since you are in the area already, go on a side trip to Batlag Waterfalls and Calinawan Cave as well. 

An entrance fee of Php 50 is mandatory while cottages are optional at a cost. 

How to get there: Explore Tanay, Rizal's 4 Amazing Wonders In 1 Day: Itinerary And Budget

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