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Beat The Summer Heat: 5 Unique & Revivifying Waterfalls In Laguna


Maui Sanvictores
Maui Sanvictores | Apr 19, 2017
Beat The Summer Heat: 5 Unique & Revivifying Waterfalls In Laguna

Due to its rather close proximity to the metropolis, Laguna may be one of our Pinoy Wanderer’s top choice for a quick weekend getaway trip. Here, you’ll find 5 refreshing waterfalls waiting to be explored at the hidden nooks and crannies of the mesmerizing province of Laguna.

Majayjay Falls

First on the list is the waterfall located in the town of Majayjay in Laguna. Do not be confused though, for this spot comes in many names such as Imelda Falls and Taytay Falls. 

The pathway leading to the spot is a relatively easy hike, with cemented trails and bamboo railings for its steep and slippery parts. 

Bucal Falls

Another piece of paradise in the town of Majajay Laguna, this invigorating waterfall is the lesser-known falls compared to Majayjay Falls. The path going to the falls exudes quite non-touristy vibe — with its features and pathways still untouched. 

The clear turqoise waters riveted us despite the lack of flow from the falls during summer.


Hulugan Falls

Located in the quiet town of Luisiana, this waterfall wowed visitors when it was first discovered back in the late part of 2015. Soon, explorers flocked the area to marvel at its beauty. 

The good Lord surely blessed us featuring a rainbow in our stills.

The rave has relatively died down since then but this shouldn’t stop you from visiting, otherwise. Instead, this is the perfect time to come and have the awesome place to yourself or your friends.


Aliw Falls

Also situated in the quaint town of Luisiana, Aliw Falls is one of the "revivifying-trio" in Laguna. Visitors could either go straight to the famous Hulugan Falls or choose to pass by the neighbour falls, the Talay Falls and Aliw Falls (also known as Hidden Falls).

Photo by Dadan Valdez

Hidden Falls makes it to this list with its galvanizing height and its flow racing down into a series of cascades.

Buntot Palos

Standing ferociously at 80 meters from the Sierra Mountain Range is a waterfall tucked in the eastern town of Laguna. Buntot Palos falls, one of the grandest and fuming waterfalls in the area, boasts of its interestingly geometric backdrop and picturesque huge boulders the lead its white waters into a basin.

Watch your steps, darling.

Satiate your thirst for adventure as you delve into this list one at a time or two to three, if you must, in a day. Don’t forget to tag #ChoosePhilippines in your posts and tell us what you think at the comments below.

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