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In 7 Photos Of Ditumabo: The Splendid Beauty Of Baler's Mother Falls


Yua Dominguez
Yua Dominguez | Feb 07, 2017

Baler over the weekend, G?” Oh wait, but you don’t surf, so what do you do? Make up some far-fetched excuse and say no? Obligatorilysay yes so you don’t appear kind of meh? Or discover a place where you can actually have fun apart from surfing? I’m guessing you opted for the latter. Well, here’s what we suggest you do if you’re a non-surfer and about to go to Baler this weekend.

Another paradise is waiting for you to bathe in. Aside from the breathtaking Diguisit Beach, the famous Mother Falls is another great side trip for non-surfers.

Photos from Maui Sanvictores

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