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Negros Oriental's Newly-Discovered Wonder Of Guihulngan: Kansalakan River

Negros Oriental

Helton Balairos
Helton Balairos | Mar 12, 2017
Negros Oriental's Newly-Discovered Wonder Of Guihulngan: Kansalakan River

Any journey worth having not only educates the one traveling, but also enchants him or her.

However, for the longest time, this was not the case for the Kansalakan River: before, this river was merely an ordinary place for the locals, until it was discovered by intrepid tourists late last year. Eventually, it became a tourist spot, and was called the "Enchanted River."

Many have claimed that the reason for this was because of the river's similarity with the more popular Enchanted River in nearby Hinatuan, Surigao, while some claim that the river has something enchanting hidden within its depths that truly make it enchanting.

Enchanting, isn't it?

Regardless of what story you believe in, this river is truly mysterious, and at the moment you're there, there is a force of energy that whispers to you to take more pictures as it the river showcases its beauty.

The entire river originates from a single spring, and looking upon it, it looks like a mirror, gradually turning green along with the forest's greenery, beckoning you to take a dip. This river reminds me how great nature truly is: ready to be explored at any time, and all you have to do is to take your soul to the place you want to go to, and be enchanted by the experiences.

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