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Look: Zamboanga's Lumbangan Falls & Lagoon That Could Only Fit In 10 People


Omar Bagis
Omar Bagis | Apr 10, 2017

Despite being busy with other things, I am more than willing (and perhaps a little stubborn) to write about my recent experience: I came all the way from Dubai, going home to the Philippines just for a short vacation, and my vacation turned out to be well worth all the trouble.

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I had visited the less-than-popular Lumbangan Falls and Lagoon in Zamboanga, and I could only describe it as heavenly. The foot of the falls is majestic, but if you take the effort of climbing all the way to the top, you can view a lagoon that would make you realize how perfect nature truly is. 

The entire experience was something fresh and unique, and is somewhat of a rarity in Dubai. Even if you're afraid of swimming, a single glance at the falls would probably make you fall in love!

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