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Batlag Falls: Rizal's Less Popular Water Form But One Of The Most Majestic


Maui Sanvictores
Maui Sanvictores | Apr 24, 2017

Looking for a quick escape—a short getaway from the confines of the city? Set your eyes on Rizal: a province unlike any other, and in close proximity to the bustling city of Metro Manila. Though modernization has made it far from the strictest definitions of the word "provincial," it still has a few hidden gems that transport you back to that magical provincial life, such as its Daranak Falls, Majayjay Falls, and Tinipak River. All these destinations are beautiful on their own, but there is still one place many have yet to discover.

Shower-like Batlag Falls

We zip over to the falls—a mere hundred steps away from the better-known Daranak Falls. Batlag Falls should be easy to find as directions from the entry point in Daranak Falls also gives way to the path leading up to a more intimate spot, up in the mountains. 

There will be a separate entrance fee of Php 100 per head to Batlag Falls and a sure cardio challenge of a few hundred concrete steps going to that much needed retreat. 

If you haven’t fainted yet, and have surely kept up with the challenge, here is a glimpse of what proves to be worth the extra cardio push.

Mermaid spotted! Yua, a mermaid swimming instructor enjoying the waters

Batlag Falls offers its visitors two separate spots to laze around and lounge in. The first one resembles Daranak Falls with several waterforms flowing over a rigid rock formation and the second set of falls, west of the first one, appears to be drizzly with its flow, allowing more of play and relaxation in its natural pool.

Crystal-clear waters
A scene straight out of fantasy!

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