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Be Mesmerized By The Azure Abyss Of Barracuda Lake's


Yua Dominguez
Yua Dominguez | Apr 19, 2017

Anyone could be in disbelief that a magical destination such as the Barracuda Lake in Coron, Palawan actually exists. The combination of crystal clear indigo blue waters surrounded by unusual rock formations will make you feel like you’re in a fairytale setting. 

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Together with my travel companion, I took a few minutes to marvel at the awesome sight. Although it was quite cramped, we took a little space by the corner of the bridge to appreciate the lake before exploring its wonders beneath.

However, do not expect any corals nor living creatures underneath. The plain and pure hues of blue is the only thing you will see. Imagine swimming in a bottomless azure abyss. 

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The lake's mystery will surely intrigue and allure you at the same time, so be ready to dive.

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