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4 Marvelous Sights To Enjoy Before Reaching Rizal's Tinipak River


Yua Dominguez
Yua Dominguez | Apr 25, 2017

Tinipak River in Tanay, Rizal has been a popular destination for travelers which serves as the nearest and quickest escape from the urban jungle.

It takes about 45 minutes of strolling through numerous rocks going to Tinapak River. Along the way, there was an unexpected sighting of goats happily munching on some leaves, astonishing white pebbled boulders, green lush mountains, and the surprise appearance of a rainbow before reaching the river.

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Tinipak River is the most picture-perfect location for a prenup shoot for adventurous couples. Let the wind blow your gown with the sight of the river as it adds more drama to the shoot.

A little caveat though, fees and guides may be mandatory. 

The increasing number of visitors who seek to see this marvelous river is doing more harm than good to this beautiful spot. Good thing the local government had taken some steps to protect the river and its environs. There are rules and regulations that are strictly adhered to. 


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