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6 Must-See Spots: Take A Splash In The Cerulean Waters Of Coron Island

Yua Dominguez
Yua Dominguez | Apr 18, 2017

Coron’s Island Tour is a no doubt a heaven on earth for sea lovers like me. Spare a day to take a plunge or behold a scenery of lakes, lagoons, beaches and dive sites. Coron will entice you to leave the city for good.

Barracuda Lake

Despite the confined space, Barracuda Lake is my favorite destination to top. Find out why. 

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Twin Lagoon

Stay adrift at Twin Lagoon’s glaring waters. Look around. Those rock formations? Extraordinarily beautiful. 

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Beach 91

At Beach 91, you get to devour a variety of mouthwatering dishes whilst having a blissful beach break.

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Siete Pecados

Siete Pecados will bring out the mermaid in you. Set free your gils and fins and go deep and see the wonderful world beneath.

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Skeleton Wreck

In a about 10 to 15 ft depth, an ancient shipwreck awaits. 

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CYC Beach

CYC Beach is the most ideal place to grab a beer with friends, to do kayaking, and to marvel at the glorious sunset. 

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