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Shoot Location Revealed: The Paradise In “The Greatest Love”


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Choose Philippines | Apr 22, 2017

The Philippines is known for having some of the best destinations in the country. In fact, the country has been acclaimed for having some of the best beaches, best cuisines, and even best people this side of the planet. However, one of the many things that truly strikes visitors—whether foreign or local—is how beautiful many of our locales are, and this fact was showcased in an episode of “The Greatest Love,” wherein they almost literally revealed how the Philippines is paradise on Earth.

In the scene, Gloria and Peter finally succumbed to their afflictions and passed on. The passage to the afterlife was presented with Gloria riding a boat, and Peter waiting for her ashore. It was a very poignant moment between two lovers who had shared everything, both in life and in death. And where better else to find each other again, than in the place where they shared so many happy memories?

The beautiful scene was filmed in Bagong Ilog in the Quirino Province, and merely shows how wonderfully underrated this province is. Bagong Ilog is perhaps one of the most beautiful places to visit in Quirino: it’s a quiet place surrounded by the mountains, banked on both sides with a fine gray sand, and the waters are always calm. Believe us, if you’re looking for somewhere peaceful, well away from the problems of the big city, Bagong Ilog and the whole of Quirino are truly great places for you to celebrate life (or perhaps even remember someone’s passing).

*Photos courtesy of ABS-CBN Entertainment.

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