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4 Fairytale-Like Laguna Waterfalls At the Foot Of Mt. Romelo


Yua Dominguez
Yua Dominguez | May 08, 2017
4 Fairytale-Like Laguna Waterfalls At the Foot Of Mt. Romelo

Hiking mountains can be quite enervating and yet every stride you take towards the peak you see something that seems trivial but amazing to this city girl’s eyes— goats munching on some leaves, horses loaded with vegetables, locals going about their daily life. These are all wonderful distractions providing a brief respite from our aching limbs. For our eyes are set on the top prize: 7 of the most marvelous waterfalls secretly hidden in Mt. Romelo! 

What to expect? A two hour hike from the jump-off point at Siniloan Laguna going to the base camp. You can stay for a night or two in the forest. From here, the time varies before reaching every unique waterfall.

Buruwisan Waterfalls

     Difficulty: Easy

     Time from the base camp: 10 minutes

After all the insect bites and the muddy trail, a quick natural shower is what you will need!

© Maui Sanvictores (https://www.instagram.com/maui.wru/)

Lanzones Waterfalls

     Difficulty: Easy

     Time from the base camp: 15 minutes

A more intimate location, Lanzones Falls is surrounded by numerous boulders around has limited space. Not too comfortable in deep waters? This one’s shallow!

© Yua Dominguez (https://www.instagram.com/yuakini/)

Batya-Batya Waterfalls

     Difficulty: Moderate

    Time from the base camp: 30 minutes

Batya-Batya has an elevated natural swimming pool on top of it. It was called as such because of it's a multi-tiered waterfall. Now, enjoy another climb!  

© Maui Sanvictores (https://www.instagram.com/maui.wru/)

Sampaloc Waterfalls

       Difficulty: Moderate

      Time from the base camp: 45 minutes

At Sampaloc falls, don’t get your hopes up as it may seems like fairies will come out anytime of the day. The waterfall was named as such because of its shape. 

© Yua Dominguez (https://www.instagram.com/yuakini/)

Our group was able to visit four waterfalls out of the seven. Due to sore muscles and because darkness starts to set in, we decided to make our way down the mountain. 

Truly, it was a memorable experience exploring water forms that are enchanting enough to make you want to see more.  

*Other Falls: Twin Falls, Old Buruwisan Falls, and Sapang Labo Falls 

     Difficulty: Hard

     Time from the base camp: Minimum 1 hour

How to go here

  • From Manila, hop on a bus heading to Siniloan Laguna
  • From the town of Siniloan, ride a public transportation that will bring you to Buruwisan Falls (one of the seven Falls at Mt. Romelo)

Nearby destinations

  • In Pangil Laguna you may hike another mountain to see Buntot Palos Falls

Have you been to Siniloan's waterfalls? Share your experience with us and use #ChoosePhilippines on all your posts and get a change to be featured! 

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