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No Need For Enchantment, Siniloan's Buruwisan Will Surely Captivate You


Maui Sanvictores
Maui Sanvictores | May 11, 2017

Head on over to the eastern part of Laguna and be amazed at the number of wonders found at the foot of Mt. Romelo. The townsmen of Siniloan say that the mountain flaunts more than 9 waterfalls, all of which are a perfect retreat for this tropical heat we're all experiencing.

Once in the terrains of Mt. Romelo, hikers will experience intermittent  down hills and steep pathways— an easy workout for those looking for some form of calorie-burning activity. Frolicking around the slopes of this side of Sierra Madre, the local guides will lead you to Buruwisan which is the first stop out of the seven waterfalls for this leg of our Laguna adventure.

From hundreds of meters away, Buruwisan Falls appears out of the lush vegetation that skirts its lustrous waters. I guess, this is what makes it pretty special:  it gets you motivated to get through a few more hundred meters of steeps and slopes, just so you could get to immerse yourself into its revivifying energy.

Once you get tired of treading at the foot of the waterfall, there are boulders around the area where you could chill at and pose for photo-ops. In this piece of peace, you make your own adventure!

How to get there?

  • From Manila, hop on a bus heading to Siniloan Laguna
  • From the town of Siniloan, ride a public transportation that will bring you to Buruwisan Falls (one of the seven Falls at Mt. Romelo)

Other places to go to when in Mt. Romelo

  • Visit all the other 6 famous waterfalls (Sampaloc Falls, Lanzones Falls, Batya-batya Falls, Twin Falls, Sapang Labo Falls, and the Old Buruwisan Falls)
  • Hop on a van or tricycle en route the jump-off point to Bukal/Kilangin Falls

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