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Look: The State Of Hinatuan River After Local Government Limits Tourists

Surigao del Sur

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Choose Philippines | May 11, 2017
Look: The State Of Hinatuan River After Local Government Limits Tourists

Earlier this year, Hinatuan Tourism Officer and Community Development Information Officer (CDIO) Gemma Millan had revealed that the popular tourist destination, the Enchanted River of Hinatuan in Surigao del Sur, would be closed to the general public from January 9 to February 4. The local government had explained that they thought of this strategy as a way to allow the river to naturally refresh and revitalize, “letting it [have] a breather from tourism,” they had claimed.

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Beautifully blue!

Fast-forward to April 2017, and the magnificent river is has mainatined its beautiful surroundings and its deep blue waters. In fact, Choose Philippines Mindanao writer Ida Damo had taken a picture of the beautiful river and posted it on Facebook, lauding the local residents and government unit for working together in order to take care of such a wonder of nature.

The river is known for being one of the most beautiful and picturesque in the entire Philippines, and being such a thing of wonder, is naturally steeped in rich lore and history, especially for the people of Hinatuan.  In fact, government website Philippine Information Agency claims that every noon, the river’s caretaker rings a bell, signaling all swimmers to vacate the river. He will then sing the “Hymn of Hinatuan,” and schools of fish will appear, which he or she will feed. During feeding time, no one may step into or disturb the river. After feeding time, the schools of fish quickly disappear, and swimmers are once again allowed to wade in the river.

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