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Discover The Unexpected: See Laguna’s Batya-Batya Falls


Maui Sanvictores
Maui Sanvictores | Jun 06, 2017

Drive 2 hours east of Manila and you will find yourself stuck in the middle of a forest. Although, this is not a bad thing at all, especially with Siniloan Laguna’s wide range of hidden gems, safely tucked at the foot of Mt. Romelo

In here, pockets of revivifying waterfalls do not end with only seven. With a little bit of enthusiasm and a lot of cardio movements, you could probably visit 9 or more. Simply get yourself rubbing elbows with the locals and you’re bound for some tropical adventure. 

In this leg of our journey, Yua, James, and I, simply wanted to tick off as much as we could from our waterfalls checklist. After 2 hours of steep turns, knee-challenging downhills, and some rock scrambling action, we reached Batya-batya Falls - the 3rd rewarding stop in our Laguna escapade.

This waterfall, as simple as it may seem, has more surprises than what we expected. The hike en route to Batya-batya Falls, if I may say, is the most memorable among the 4 waterfalls we were able to see that day. Serene pockets of waters between mountain rocks, rays of light in a dancing spectacle; all these, we were able to witness as we made our way to the waterfall. 

I always say it’s the simplest of things that maketh one’s journey the most memorable and this one moment put those words into life. In the quiet repose of the mountain, in the crumbling of dried leaves as we move through, and in the subtle healing each and every experience brings- it’s in these tiny life seconds that make life, life. 

How to get there?

  • From Manila, hop on a bus heading to Siniloan Laguna
  • From the town of Siniloan, ride a public transportation that will bring you to Buruwisan Falls (one of the seven Falls at Mt. Romelo)

Where to go to from Batya-batya Falls?

  • Finish all 7 waterfalls in Mt. Romelo (Buruwisan Falls, Lanzones Falls, Sampaloc Falls, Batya-batya Falls, Old Buruwisan Falls, Twin Falls, Sapang Labo Falls)
  • In Pangil Laguna you may hike another mountain to see Buntot Palos Falls

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