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2 Hours From Manila: Visit 7 Waterfalls in Laguna


Maui Sanvictores
Maui Sanvictores | May 19, 2017

Nestled in between the borders of Siniloan and Famy in Laguna, Mt. Romelo is an adventure challenging the body yet quiets the mind. People has been in and around this town, knowing well that despite several visits, the surprises just never ends. 

Here, you’ll find the most unexpected of turns, leading to momentous experiences, one after the other. 

In our commitment to staying true to the adventurous life, team Choose Philippines took on the challenge to visit 7 marvelous waterfalls in a day. Seven? You ask. Yes, all seven in just one day. 


With this challenge in mind, we went through arduous uphills, knee-challenging slopes, and successfully made our way through mossy boulders. All for the glory of nature waiting for us at the foot of the mountain. Locals say there are 7 famous waterfalls in this town - the Buruwisan Falls, Lanzones Falls, Sampaloc Falls, Batya-batya Falls, Old Buruwisan Falls, Twin Falls, Sapang Labo Falls, but if you’re up for something more, it’s possible to see around 12. Imagine, 12 waterfalls at this piece of paradise. A-ma-zing!

But we didn’t dare see all 12 with our current physical condition, instead we took on the famous 7 waterfalls. First stop was Buruwisan Falls, a 100-feet drizzly waterfall. Our guide said Buruwisan’s rage dampens as summer approaches, “so that explains it”, we said. Nevertheless we loved its tranquil waters allowing us some space to float even under its glow of falling waters.

After a solid 45 min of child-like splatters around the area, we went on with our journey and balanced our way through mossy boulders. I must say, balance is more than being physically stable or making sure one’s center of gravity is closer to the earth’s surface. I realized, the more you overthink your balance, the more you falter and that it involves looking forward to the next rock. 

My perspective was challenged, I figured, sometimes we don’t take things one step at a time. At this moment, I needed to take things, two boulder steps at a time to keep moving, assuring the mind that the body is in the proper position to take on the challenge. 

After around 20 minutes of rock scrambling, we reached our second stop - the Lanzones Falls. This waterfall is more intimate, a little bit more romantic, and strikes herself as the perfect spot to bring that ’special’ someone. Its waters fall mighty on a basin overflowing to pebbles gradually leading to the pathway where boulders are. 

We didn’t stay much longer having that goal in mind to finish all seven waterfalls. Our third stop - the Batya-batya Falls, builds up excitement as we plodded through pockets of waters in between mountain rocks. I’m notorious for being distracted with nature’s simplistic displays and at that moment, I was engrossed with rays of light in a dancing spectacle strung out on our tracks. 

Batya-batya, as bare as it is, hides its charm atop its escarpments - where natural pool awaits for relaxation. We chose to move through and through as we wanted to be back to the jump-off point by sun-down. 

Our fourth and last stop, Sampaloc Falls is the group’s most favorite spot. We especially loved how its waters are hidden behind lush tropical vegetation, like a hidden surprise tugging hard one’s curiousity. 

By this time, the group was famished and decided this is where our adventure ends. “Four out of seven, that’s it”, I uttered under my breath. Our eyes catching a glimpse of each other’s gazes had an unspoken agreement. This is where it ends, by the rustic boulders under the faded sunlight. 

On that day, what I found within the slopes of Mt. Romelo is more than just its mountain streams, frigid waterfall basins, and mighty boulders. I realized that no matter how often you get yourself atop mountains, there’s just always more to learn and discover - the way one’s body collide with unfamiliar terrains, the keen eye to see the mundane in a different light, and finally the will to morph one’s perspective into today’s challenges.

How to go there?

  • From Manila, hop on a bus heading to Siniloan Laguna
  • From the town of Siniloan, ride a public transportation that will bring you to Buruwisan Falls (one of the seven Falls at Mt. Romelo)

Places to go to from Siniloan Laguna:

  • In Pangil Laguna you may hike another mountain to see Buntot Palos Falls

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