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Be Child-Like In Mohicap Lake's Serene Waters: Know The Legend Behind Its Name


Maui Sanvictores
Maui Sanvictores | Aug 08, 2017

Found in the city of San Pablo, Mohicap Lake is one of the “Seven Lakes”  in this part of Laguna. The lake’s water recharge comes from the country’s tropical rainfalls and underwater springs and flow through the gorges of Mt. Imok and drains Laguna de Bay through Calauan River. 

Lake Mohicap's maximum depth reaches down to 39.5 meters, that’s really deep, but no need to fret as there are shallow parts of the lake ideal for swimming in. 

Legend has it that the name Mohicap was derived from “Monica” and “Masikap” which stems from the story of a couple who had difficulties conceiving a child. It is said that after years of waiting, a heavenly angel appeared with a message that the wife will have a child. The only condition was that the child cannot set foot on the ground. So she gave brith to a girl named Monica. 

One tragic day, the couple left Monica alone to attend to their farm and she mistakenly sets her foot outside as she tries to retrieve the needle that she was using to sew a dress. At that moment, she sunk under the ground along with the entire village and there, the lake was formed.

Tragic ending, unbelievable with such a beauty that is Mohicap Lake. Driving through the winding roads of San Pablo, we had a few exciting glimpses of the its radiant calm waters. What I loved about it was the excitement it continually builds up as you enter its premises.

It is somewhat reminiscent of those childhood campsites, old and rustic, but always invigorating. The way down to the lake will require you to conquer 105 concrete steps. The trek is a bit tiring when going down, but wait until you need to make your way up as it will require a lot of endurance. 

Once you’re down to your final 10 steps, you’ll be giddy like a 7-year-old child, as the whole scene exudes serene and thrilling sensation, all at the same time. Before you are water rafts floating on glass-like calm waters. Looking at the far-end west of the lake, you will see children, in fits of laughter, diving in and out of the waters. 

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At the far-east view of the lake is a grand visual enchantment of Mt. Susong Dalaga and Mt. Banahaw. All the while at the lake shore are lush tropical vegetation sending forth crisp mountain air. 

The lake felt like a refuge engulfing my deepest cares in the world. It was one of those moments I felt like a child, full of life, and fearless.

How to go there:

  • Ride a bus going to San Pablo Laguna
  • You may hire a tricycle to bring you to all 7 lakes or just choose the ones you prefer
  • Only Yambo, Pandin and Mohicap lakes are accessible to tourists for swimming

Places to go to from Mohicap Lake:

  • Visit the remaining 6 lakes in San Pablo Laguna (Sampaloc Lake, Pandin Lake, Yambo Lake, Calibato Lake, Bunot Lake, and Palakpakin Lake)
  • Hike Mt. Banahaw and dip in the waters of Bukal Falls

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