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Mountain Province

Maui Sanvictores
Maui Sanvictores | Aug 14, 2017

We’re sure you have heard of how people made their way to Sagada to mend their broken hearts, or have seen budding rice terraces in phenomenal photographs that will always remind us of our rich cultural past. 

But if you think you have seen everything that this province has to offer, you got it all wrong! Dig deeper and explore further, share the journey with us, as we delve into the lesser known towns in the Mountain Province of the North Luzon. 

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Here are our recommended activities to do while cruising the quiet and frigid streets up North: 

Catch the sunrise and the sea of clouds at the peak of Mt. Kupapey (Bontoc)

Do you fancy trekking up a mountain just before dawn, so you would witness the spectacular reveal of the sun? Well, this could be the perfect adventure for you. Not only that, well, if the odds are in your favor, you might just be lucky to have your moment at Mt. Kupapey’s peak with a sea of clouds right before you.

Photo from www.instagram.com/maui.wru


Hike Maligcong Rice Terraces (Bontoc)

If you’re not a big fan of mountain hiking, then should we try a balancing act between glorious rice paddies? Not just your typical rice paddy, fyi, this one’s been existing for thousands of years now. immerse in culture and nature at the same time. 

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Photo from www.instagram.com/maui.wru


Experience the calmness of mornings at Kiltepan View (Sagada)

Can’t help but add this cliche on the list, who would ever say no to such a therapeutic morning at Kiltepan View? How about bring a coffee or tea with you, whatever floats your boat, and have a mini chat with your closest friend?


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Explore unfamiliar paths towards Pongas Falls (Sagada)

Well, if you’re an adventurous soul wanting to go down the path less-travelled, then Pongas Falls should be on top of your itinerary. Shy away from the rather touristy sites and have the nature’s vibe all to yourself in this pocket of paradise!

Take a chilling plunge at Fowa-as Falls in (Sadanga)

Still in need of something more exciting? Well, if you want it, then we have it, just for you! Visit Fowa-as Falls in the town of Sadanga. This jaw-dropping visual enchantment is no easy feat— 7 kilometers trek to the village of Belwang and another 45 minutes to the waterfall! Proceed if you must!

Spend a night camping at Mt. Polis (Bauko)

“You’ve never fully lived until you spend a night up on the hills of a mountain”. Whoever said that phrase, said it quite right. Why sleep inside a 5 star hotel if you could spend a night under billion of stars? Although one has to brave the frigid weather, you’d never go wrong with a view of the stars among silent trees and pitch black forest.

Enjoy the view of Balew Rice Terraces (Bauko)

After a night at Mt. Polis, it wouldn’t hurt to stop at your way down to enjoy the view of Balew rice terraces which is located at its foot. Truly a cultural heritage passed upon today’s generation, rice terraces in the Cordilleras will never disappoint!

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