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The Chase Doesn't End: 19 Stunning Waterfalls In Laguna


Maui Sanvictores
Maui Sanvictores | Aug 07, 2017

In the east of Luzon, we find pockets after pockets of paradise in the province of Laguna. The towns of Majayjay, Pangil, Luisiana, Siniloan, Cavinti, and Nagcarlan, are among the many that were endowed with glorious waterfalls sitting on top of their mountains. 

Watch: 4 Fairytale-Like Laguna Waterfalls At the Foot Of Mt. Romelo

Join us as we take you on another adventure! We go trek and swim, there is no other way around this route! Ready? Tara!

How many of these waterfalls have you been too? Or do you wanna add more to the list? Let us know by leaving your comments below, better yet, tell your story by logging on to www.choosephilippines.com.


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