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What To Do In Pangasinan? Here Are 7 Spots That Are Worth Visiting


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Choose Philippines | Sep 04, 2017

I bet your usual easy go-to areas up north of the metropolis are Zambales, Subic and Pampanga, to name a few. It is the most effortless spots to head over when you need a much needed vacay. But, are you up to explore other provinces of the Philippines like Pangasinan?

Pangasinan is a few hours further than the other common provinces. However, it is as abundant with remarkable wonders as well. It is located at the western side of Luzon which you can smoothly visit by an epic road trip!

Death Pool

Feed your curiosity by jumping into Death Pool’s compelling raging waters.


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Bolinao Falls 1 and 2

Pack your bags and go waterfalls hopping at Bolinao!


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Hundred Islands

The hundreds of eye-catching islets of Alaminos will sure quench your thirst for the sea.


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Patar Beach

Get your much awaited R&R at the impeccable Patar beach.


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Enchanted Cave

Explore the unknown! Crystal clear waters inside a cave? Would definitely want to swim that!

Mt. Balungao

Not a water baby? No worries, trek your way to Mt. Balungao’s crest and after that draining hike, relish the cold and hot springs!

Colibra Island

Fondle this beautiful island’s flour-like dunes and be mesmerized.


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