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DISCOVER: Dive In The Surreal Underwater Canyons of Coron


Jun Lao
Jun Lao | May 28, 2018
DISCOVER: Dive In The Surreal Underwater Canyons of Coron
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Barracuda Lake in Coron Palawan has always been an enigma to adventure seeking tourists for decades. It's literally and figuratively diving immense picturesque canyons within a lake which starts as brackish water from the shallows and gets much saltier and a tad warmer once you dive beyond 14 meters. 

Your first steps prior getting in Barracuda lake
Your first steps prior starting your underwater adventure


Getting there is quite easy, it's but a 20 minute banka ride from the Coron town pier and 150 steps will get you inside the lake. (there is a marine park fee of P200 per head). It can really get crowded as snorkelers, free divers and scuba divers gather at the entrance but once you dive in, it takes you to an underwater sojourn like no other.

Underwater Canyons which stretch like forever
Underwater Canyons which stretches like forever


Rainwater has filled the lake for decades and you can observe several submerged trees as you dive further from the jetty, evidence of a different world prior becoming the lake that it is today.

Scuba Diving Barracuda Lake by Jun V Lao
Submerged trees shares a landscape quite different
from what it is today


What adds more 'interestingness' to the lake is the thermocline, once reaching 14M, you can clearly see mirages underwater while at 20m+/-, silt is suspended, pushed by the changing volume of water, creating an illusion that you are seeing a lake within another lake


Thermocline, Barracuda Lake Coron by Jun V Lao
Silted waters create an illusion of a lake within a lake

In Summary, If you like epic views and breathtaking canyon sceneries minus having to climb for hours or days to reach a summit for great views, Barracuda lake offers a unique experience of weightless spelunking within a bizarre yet captivating world of wonder.

Freediving Barracuda Lake Coron by Jun V Lao
An underwater playground for anyone who loves water

For more underwater sojourns around the Philippines, do drop by PaparazSea.com. We have been diving the Philippines since 2009 and been visually documenting our best underwater sites with a passion since 2012. Thanks for dropping by. 


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