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Davao Oriental

Ida Damo
Ida Damo | May 30, 2018

Just before summer ends, Choose Philippines-Mindanao takes you to a refreshing sight--- newly discovered and opened Busay Falls in Boston, Davao Oriental.

Boston is the smallest town in Davao Oriental and gets the least among the towns of the province of Davao Oriental to get publicity that is why their tourist attractions are just faint blips on the radar.   

In 2015, it only had 13,535 people covering an area of 367.03 square kilometers.  Little did we know that within its backyard are beautiful destinations just waiting to be discovered.

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Just take Busay Eco Park in Barangay Caatihan for example.  Just 15 minutes from the town proper of Boston is a winding concrete road that snakes through lush greens of tall grass and trees.  

When you see the falls, it is right beside the road, beautiful in its rawness and natural state even if they have fenced it in.

Busay in the Visayan language is spring and so the Busay Waterfall is a spring that falls and not just pools. 

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For just PhP20 entrance fee, you can take a dip in the natural pool formed from the cascades.  Native cottages (PhP200-400) and a wooden platform surround the pool.  The deepest part of the clear and cold water pool is just 7 to 8 feet.

The Ambakon River is the water source of the falls. People can climb the rocks and tiers of the falls to get to the top.

Since the Busay Eco-Park was just opened two months ago, do not expect first class facilities and accommodation.  It is as raw as you can get. 

As always, be responsible tourists by not throwing your garbage just anywhere.  Take in its natural beauty and be thankful that you can still have this after the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle.

How to get there:
Major airlines have daily flights to Davao City from Manila and Cebu.  From Davao City, take the bus to Cateel and then ride the van to Boston.
Coordinate with Boston local officials to get to Brgy Caatihan Busay Eco-Park.

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