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Warning: Only 4-6 people Allowed at One Time at Davao City’s Kurtina Falls

Ida Damo
Ida Damo | Jun 08, 2018
Warning: Only 4-6 people Allowed at One Time at Davao City’s Kurtina Falls
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Davao City is hailed as the biggest city in the country in terms of land area at 2,444 square kilometers.  It is no wonder that you have been traveling for more than an hour and yet still be within city boundaries.  The landscape changes from concrete jungle to fruit plantations over plains and mountain ranges.

Every now and then, new destinations are discovered and explored.

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Ian Ray Garcia, editor of M Magazine, first shared Kurtina Falls in his Facebook account and has then made a video to guide you on how to get there.  He reminds fellow explorers to enjoy nature responsibly and recommends having only 4-6 people when in Kurtina Falls.  

What is it about Kurtina that makes it fragile?

The area in which the falls is located is part of the watershed and an ancestral domain for the Lumads of Davao. It is doubly a protected landscape and so foot traffic should be minimized.

Safety and security is also not guaranteed for those who trek on their own.  

The Maayong Buntag Mindanao Team of ABS-CBN Davao went there for their Morning Destination segment and informed us that the Barangay Captain of the area has just disallowed entry to the falls.

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But for those who have seen Cotabato Province’s beautifully unique Asik-Asik Falls and are curious about Kurtina, Kurtina is a mini-version. Their difference is that Asik-Asik’s water does not come from a river but from a wall. 

Their similarities are: the cold and clear water comes out in sprinkles and gushes from a wall of moss, ferns, and other plants and you would have to trek to get to the area.  

If you really have to go to Kurtina, please coordinate with Barangay Officials.  When they tell you it is a NO go, please believe and follow them.  If it is a YES, let’s be responsible and not go in big groups; do not litter and bring your trash with you; do not make loud noises; and respect the Lumads.

How to get there:
Major airlines fly daily to Davao City from Manila and Cebu.
Watch the video for detailed directions to Kurtina. 

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