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Going Nuts Inside the House of Pili

Camarines Sur,

Nannah Tobias
Nannah Tobias | Mar 06, 2014

pili House of Pili's 2nd floor where all the magic happens

The House of Pili is run by Ms. Lydia Perez-Lomibao who took us around her home-turned-pili-factory. Their products include:

  • Pili Nuts in different variants: Honey / Garlic / Spicy / Roasted
  • Doubledecker Pilinut Cookies
  • Pilinut Hopia
  • Sesame Balls
  • Pili Tarts
  • Marzipan Bars

My favorite is their new cookie product, Pilinut Butterscotch, and I took 20 packs home to my family and friends. (But half of them, all mine!)

You may see more of their massive line of products here: House of Pili.

Here's a photo tour of the team's House of Pili visit:

pili Your Marzipan Bars are ready for packing!

pili The House of Pili is the actual home of the owners turned into their "factory," which is why it retains its homey feel.

pili The finished product: pili nut crust baked to perfection.

pili The House of Pili uses the most milk products in the whole of Naga, beating all their bakeries to a tee!

pili They make their own wine that matches quite perfectly with that pili nut crunch taste.

pili A therapeutic bamboo bench that Phillip enjoyed a wee too much.

More than that, Lydia believes in her business leaving a footprint on the community through her advocacy, PILIpinas. She aims to foster the establishment of pili nut plantations in the Bicol Region, starting in Camarines Sur, through partnerships with landowners, farmers, tenants, local government units, government and non-government agencies, private corporations, and religious-socio-civic organizations.

Choose Philippines highly recommends that you take a tour of this place next time you're in CamSur. Learn how the pili nut is processed to create many delightful treats -- and don't forget to bring home pili nut pasalubongs!

Naga Excursions can help you make your itinerary; you can like them on Facebook and visit their website.

pili Pili Nut 101!

VIEW: Make Naga City your jump-off point to the rest of the region with the Choose Philippines “Hot Map to Bicol”:


How to Get There:

Naga City is located about 377 km southeast of Metro Manila. By air, Naga is served by the Naga Airport which is located just outside the city proper, in the nearby town (and the CamSur capital) of Pili. A flight from Manila takes approximately 35-40 minutes.

By land, Naga is an eight-hour bus ride from Pasay or Cubao. The Philippine National Railways used to offer daily train rides to Naga (Bicol Express, Mayon Limited De Luxe, and Mayon Limited Ordinary); stay tuned to their website and Facebook page for updates.

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