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Amlong Crafts

Ida Damo
Ida Damo | May 07, 2013

Picture yourself on a patio at the beach or at a terrace of a mountain hide-away while lounging on comfortable chairs made of a native Philippine vine. The weaving is so intricate, it feels like one thread.

All around you are subtly lit lamps in different shapes and sizes while decorative jars and vases hold plants and flowers. You just can’t help but wonder at how beautifully these handicrafts are made.

Apart from rattan, Amlong vine is used for furniture and crafts here in the Philippines. Maria Vinecraft, Inc. of Davao City creates laundry baskets, decorative jars and vases, dividers/screens, floorlamps, newspaper/magazine racks, serving trays, candle holders/candelabras, lampshades, shoe racks, canisters and containers, umbrella/hat stands and wine racks from the Amlong vine.

Maria Vinecraft can be reached through telephone number: (6382) 227-9485 and look for Ms. Rosevic Lucilla Cembrano.


Major airlines fly daily to Davao City from Manila and Cebu. Taxi flag down rate is PhP40.

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