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Wrap yourself around Abel

La Union

Renzelle Ann Palma
Renzelle Ann Palma | May 23, 2013
Wrap yourself around Abel

This is a thriving industry in Ilocano towns most especially in the quaint town of Bangar, La Union. Bangar is known as the Abel Capital of the Philippines.

Abel products are not only known for their function and beautifully woven clothes but also for the fabric’s durability and the weavers craftsmanship. Families even pass the products on to generations and become valuable heirlooms.

People also love to give these away in weddings and as presents.

Made of cotton and different types of colorful yarns, the woven products are made carefully in a wooden handloom with weavers’ synchronized movements that can create a masterpiece.

Abel Products are 100% Filipino and are perfect gifts this Christmas season! Make sure to pass by an Abel boutique once in La Union.

Abel products are sold from150php (($4.5) and up.

How to get there:

The air conditioned bus firms (Dominion Bus Lines, Philippine Rabbit, Partas, Fariñas, Maria de Leon, and Viron) depart from terminals in Manila every hour. Destinations can either be La Union, Narvacan, Vigan, Laoag or Abra. The City of San Fernando lies 273 km. from Manila, which is about 5 hours by land or 30 minutes by air, and is about an hour’s drive from Baguio City.

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