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Pampanga's Best


Renzelle Ann Palma
Renzelle Ann Palma | May 23, 2013
Pampanga's Best

Pampanga’s Best, owned by Angelo and Lolita Hizon, has been a popular brand not only in the province but all over the country. Their products have a distinctive taste that is pure Kapampangan and helped catapult Pampanga in the business of meat-processing.

This multi-million company all started with Mrs. Hizon’s initiative to help a meat vendor that happens to be her neighbor. This neighbor had some unsold pork that she did not want spoilt, so she asked Mrs Hizon to help her cook them. The recipe that Mrs Hizon concocted turned out to be the signature Pampanga’s Best TOCINO that we all came to love.

The Kapampangan Tocino is distinctively sweet and salty at the same time. Since that fateful day of Mrs. Hizon’s and her neighbor, the tocino became a breakfast staple of Filipinos and a favorite craving for some.

Through time, Pampanga’s Best adapted to change and added products to their menu. From Chicken Nuggets, Hotdogs, Ham, Bacon, Embotido and their own version of the staple Longaniza, this institution continues to be a part of the typical Kapampangan cuisine.

The quality of the products is unquestionable. For 40 years and more, Pampanga’s Best built a loyal following and customer satisfaction envied by rival goods. The company continue to grow and their standards consistently unrivaled.

"Always’s the best from Pampanga’s Best”, the Hizon family are consistent in living to their company motto and provides service to Filipino gourmands everywhere.

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