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GenSan's Corn Husk Handicrafts

Ida Damo
Ida Damo | Jun 17, 2013

General Santos City is not just the tuna capital of the Philippines. It is also home to champions and the birthplace of world-class corn husk products like handmade paper, dolls, hats, bags, lampshades to brick a brac like flowers and refrigerator magnets.

After harvesting the corn, its husk is often discarded and burned. For the Generals, it is a treasure found.

From the farm, corn husk is sold to cooperatives and other people’s organizations at PhP15 (US$0.34) per kilo. It is then washed, dyed and then air dried before sewed or shaped into flowers, bags, dolls, hats, lampshades.


Hats- Php 15-180, Lampshades- Php300-500, Bags: Php500-1,000, Scrunch ball- Php65-100, Paper mats- Php40-40, Paper bags-Php20-50.

Corn Husk products are on display at the Pasalubong Center of General City and at the Garden Center at the Oval Plaza.

For orders, you may contact: Silvia Octura, Leonilla Callejo-Montaño and Conrado Burgos, Jr. at (083) 301-8116/0935-2592007-Conrado.

Hand-made, all natural, environment-friendly… what more can you ask for? GenSan’s Corn Husk products are definitely IN!

How To Get There:

By Air:

PAL flies between Manila and General Santos City once a day. PAL also flies between Cebu and General Santos City once a day on PAL Express flights.

By Sea:

Makar Wharf is the main international port of General Santos City. Superferry leaves Manila on Saturday and arrives in General Santos on a Tuesday. Other shipping lines also have once a week trips to the city. Travel time is usually 3 days and 2 nights.

By Land:

It is 2 ½-3 hours away from Davao City.

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